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 Beth's Quilting Services

All of the Longarm services we offer are completed, in-house, with our INNOVA Longarm Quilting Machine. The INNOVA offers state of the art stitching and design precision. We have a large and expanding selection of designs to choose from to make your quilt look perfect.

How it works

When you bring your quilt into the shop, one of our quilters will assist you in measuring the quilt top, finding a backing (If needed), and picking a pattern and a thread color for your quilt. We can also provide batting if needed as well. If you want to provide your own backing or batting we have some requirements to make sure that they will fit on the Longarm and your quilt. At check out we aske that you pay for half of the total cost of the quilt as a deposit. For small quilts and table toppers we have a $45 minimum quilting charge.

Backing Requirements: We ask that your backing is 4" larger then your quilt top all the way around to ensure that we can attach it to the Longarm. To figure how much you need all you need to do is find the length and width of your quilt top and add 8 to both sides. For example if your quilt is 66 x 72, your backing should be  74 X 80. (Note if your backing does not meet these requirements additional fees may be charged. (We do NOT quilt double top quilts)

Batting Requirements: For batting we ask for it to be 2" larger then the quilt top all the way around. To figure how much batting you need you take your length and width then add 4 to both of them. For example if your quilt is 66 x 72, your batting needs to be 70 x 76.

• Edge 2 Edge - All Edge 2 Edge designs are $.02 per square inch
• Basting Service - $.01 per square inch

How to calculate the price: Once you've measured your quilt top take the length and your width and multiply them together. Now you have your quilts square inches. Now take your square inches and multiply them with the price of your preferred quilting service. For example if your quilt 66 x 72 and you want Edge 2 Edge Quilting you'll take 66x72=4752 Square inches then 4752x.02= $95.14.

Other Services:
• Binding Two Sides - $2 per linear foot. We use 2.5" strips for our binding and do all the prep work for you!
• Quilt Label - $10
• Quilt Trim - $5-5000 square inches and under, $10-5001 square inchers and up. (There is no charge for a quilt trim if we are binding the quilt)
• Store Pieced Backing - $10

Batting We Carry:
• Pellon 80/20, 96" $9.99yd, 120" $10.99yd
• Pellon White 80/20 96" $9.99yd
• Pellon Black 80/20 96" $9.99yd
• Winline 6oz Bamboo (No Scrim) 96" $14.99yd, 120" $15.99yd
• Winline Bamboo (With Scrim) 96" 14.99yd

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